Business, Fiduciary, Bookkeeping and Accounting Advisory and Consulting Services

Business consulting services, Corporate Management, controlling, bookkeeping and accounting, Human Resources and Personnel Management: our Group provides both legal and natural persons with a full and integrated package of services. The kind of companies we assist are well established, start-ups, or they are engaged in the relocation phase of their businesses. As for fiduciary operations, our consultants provide any business situation, from the small-size companies up to the more structured enterprises, with the most suitable kind of advice.

  • Submission of feasibility studies
  • Setting up of companies to be registered in Switzerland or, through a network of correspondents, abroad
  • Business Organization consulting services
  • Company domiciliation
  • Company ordinary and extraordinary administrative management
  • Assumption of corporate responsibilities
  • Fiduciary mandates
  • Reportings
  • Budgeting and financial planning
  • Controlling
  • Bookkeeping management and COA (Chart of Accounts)’s implementation.
  • Financial and Industrial bookkeeping
  • Providing software and applications for the accounting management
  • Coaching for Personnel Management
  • Handling of administrative procedures
  • Handling work permit-related issues
  • Handling employees’ transfers
  • Payroll and social security-related issues
  • Liquidations
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Restructuring
  • Company relocation
  • Moratorium and bankruptcy administration procedures
  • Administrative support
  • Relocation consulting and support services for families and individuals
  • Handling of administrative matters on behalf of families or individuals
  • Secretarial services

Tax Advisory

We provide both legal and natural persons with a full range of tax advisory services. Our consultants support Clients on tax returns and all the mandatory tax obligations. They provide solutions on mergers, restructurings and renovations, successions and donations on a local, national and international level.

  • Tax due diligence
  • Annual tax filing
  • Representation towards fiscal authorities
  • Tax planning in case of relocation
  • Tax due diligence
  • Tax filing
  • Fiscal impact simulation in case of set ups or relocations
  • Fiscal impact simulations and advisory in case of major financial operations such as restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, spin-offs, company conversions, liquidations, relocations

Tax advisory on successions and donations, wealth and business fiscal planning with a view to intergenerational passages

Consulting services on VAT issues and the withholding tax on a national and international level

Tax advisory to natural and legal persons with relation on the International agreements against double taxation

Tax advisory on real estate and property transactions

Multi-Family Office Services and Legal Advisory

Please find here following the services we provide in our capacity as multi-family office: asset and fiscal planning, family succession planning, advisory on corporate intergenerational passages, family governance, business and family relocation, creation of trusts and trustee services, life insurance-based solutions.

Thanks to our internal legal department, we advise our clients on all legal matters and Financial, Bank, Corporate and Contract, Civil, Real Estate, Construction, Inheritance and Property Law. We provide support on compliance and due diligence. We act as trustees and judicial expert witnesses.

Multi-Family Office Services

Asset and fiscal planning

Family succession planning

Advisory on corporate intergenerational passages

Family governance

Business and family relocation

Creation of trusts and trustee’s services

Life insurance’s based solutions

Legal Advisory

Legal advice on contracts and agreements (sales/purchases, procurements procedures, agency and leasing contracts, etc.)

Assistance on judicial disputes concerning Work, Rental, Family, Succession and Corporate and Business-related matters

Expert witnessing given in Court procedures

Assistance on obtaining the authorization to acquire real estate and properties in Switzerland for non-residents

Legal assistance on matters related to Bank and Financial Law and Compliance

Enforcement procedures, insolvency and bankruptcy composition agreements